There are four forums at theVocalist.

News and Admin is the News and Admin forum. Only administrators can start new threads here but registered members can post replies. Messages posted here are not sent to theVocalist mailing list.

theVocalist Forum and Mailing List theVocalist forum and mailing list. This is the main discussion forum where all registered members can post messages via the forum web page or via email to
To receive email every time a message is posted to theVocalist forum visit and then Edit Forum Subscriptions and select Instant Notification by Email for theVocalist forum.

Backstage this is the Backstage forum for way-off topic discussions best kept out of theVocalist forum/mailing list. Messages posted here are not sent to the mailing list.

Site stuff this is a forum where you can post your comments, feedback, suggestions regarding

Please remember this is currently a test forum/mailing list. It runs independently of the Yahoo Groups list. Messages posted at do not get sent to Yahoo. has been enabled to run its own mailing list linked with a VBulletin forum.